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Kids Classes

Our junior program is targeted at children between the ages of 8 to 13yrs old. Children of this age require a high degree of dynamics, both in physical and mental challenges as they are able to understand the basic fundamentals of movement, balance, coordination and memory.


Our karate curriculum focuses on traditional teachings and family values where respect and etiquette are of the utmost importance yet allowing the classes to be high energy with self-control and motivation training.


Our grading method using the belt system will allow the students to learn the importance of goal setting as well as traditional values such as courtesy and respect.


As students develop, they will become confident and focused and this will reflect on other areas of their lives outside the dojo. They will soon discover the ability to speak in public with confidence and be able to focus their mind in their schooling environments. Students will learn the process of step by step learning, which will make them aware that anything is possible if they have the right attitude.

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