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About Us

Our style of martial arts is GoJu-Ryu Karate-Do, a traditional Japanese martial art aimed to promote physical fitness, self-defence, body conditioning and improvement in mental attitude ultimately becoming a way of life.


Our dojo’s are founded on the philosophy of maintaining a special sense of family, camaraderie and community among its members.


Andrew Roubas established his dojo’s in 1984 in Sydney, Australia as an affiliated dojo of the IKO (International Karate Organisation) under the guidance of Gonnohyoe Yamamoto Soshihan (10th Dan). The IKO has an international presence with the main headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan.


Our dojo’s offer classes that are disciplined, yet fun. They allow the whole family to participate and develop a unique bond with one another based on respect and good etiquette. Karate is an individual activity where students perform at their own level, yet the class operates as a group, with each member working not only to improve him or herself, but to assist the other members improve as well. This environment stimulates a healthy camaraderie and unity among its members.


About Roubas Goju Ryu Karate

Roubas Goju Ryu Karate has been operating in SyYamaRoubas.JPG - largedney since 1983.  The Chief Instructor, Andrew Roubas Shihan (8th Dan) founded the academy over 30 years ago under the guidance of Gonnohyoe Yamamoto Soshihan (10th Dan).  It is a member dojo of the International Karate Organisation (I.K.O.) in Tokyo, Japan. 


A milestone event occured in 2013 when Andrew Roubas Shihan invited Yamamoto Soshihan to visit the Roubas dojo's and perform a 10day seminar. This placed the Roubas dojos on an international stage with a mountain of knowledge being discovered through yamamoto’s insights into the world of Goju Ryu. This also allowed for Blackbelt gradings for the dojo’s advanced instructors. Many of the blackbelts were promoted, most notably Andrew Roubas to 8th Dan and the title of Kyoshi, Stefan Roubas to 5th Dan and the title of Shihan, and Paul Dovico Sensei to 4th Dan. Shihan Andrew Roubas is also qualified in Hapkido (2nd Dan) and Kobudo Weapon Training. Shihan Andrew is assisted by a team of high quality senior black belts including his son Sensei Stefan Roubas who also has over 30 years experience in the martial arts.  Shihan Andrew Roubas believes the standard of any dojo is directly influenced by the quality of it’s senior black belts.