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Bronze-Silver_Gold.jpg - largeTeam Goju Tournament Squad

Team Goju is made up of the elite members of our dojo's who participate and represent the club at tournaments. Participants receive points for competing in AMAC tournaments and our own inter-club tournament. The point system is weighted so that the major events such as the State & National Titles are worth considerably more points than the earlier rounds. The competitor with the most points at the end of the tournament season is crowned Team Goju Tournament Champion! 




2016 Champion - Claudio Nieto 


Total Points Position
Claudio Nieto 106  1st
Sachin Sirkari  77 2nd
David Balodis 56  3rd

Congratulations to Claudio Nieto for winning the 2016 Team Goju Championship after dominating the Nationals.



2015 Champion - Sam Boyle 


Total Points Position  
Sam Boyle  99 1st
Claudio Nieto 98  2nd
 Rachel Polkinghorne  57 3rd

Congratulations to Sam Boyle for narrowly winning the 2015 Team Goju Championship in a close one.


2014 Champion - Giancarlo Fuda 


Total Points Position
Giancarlo Fuda 131 1st
Claudio Nieto 110 2nd
Sam Boyle 108 3rd

 Congratulations to Giancarlo Fuda for winning the 2014 Team Goju Championship